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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found below. If you require further assistance or advice regarding any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sales, Billing, Credit Card Processor, etc.

Q. How Do I Place An Order?
A. You can place your order securely online using our automated order system by clicking the Order Now link on any plan, then choose the plan that you would like to purchase and click on the name of the plan or the "Order Now" link..

Q. How Long Does It Take To Open An Account?
A. Our account set up system is completely automated, We generally approve accounts within minutes, but in some cases it will take almost 2-6 hours but no more than 12 hours. You will be sent an activation notice by email containing your username, password and everything you need to get started, you can begin to use your account immediately.

Q. How Do I Pay For My Account?
A. We accept Visa and MasterCard, plus American Express, and Discover by PayPal.

Q. What Is The Minimum Billing Cycle?
A. The minimum billing cycle for all our hosting plans is one month.

Q. Do You Offer Credit Facilities?
A. No, under normal circumstances all products must be paid for at the time of purchase. Exceptions may be made for larger customers, please contact us to discuss this.

Q. What Currencies Can I Pay In?
A. Hosting Account Service trades in United States Dollars (USD). All prices are quoted and all orders will be billed in USD. Most credit card accounts in currencies other than USD can however be used to pay for products in USD. In this case, the amount in your local currency that your card issuer bills you will be based on the current exchange rate. See for conversions of our prices to other currencies.

Service and Technical Questions

Q. Do you put ad banners on your client's sites?
A. No, no banner, no ad, no pop-up, no advertising in any manner.

Q. Do you support custom CGI directory?
A. Yes. You have your own cgi-bin directory and can run your scripts.

Q. What type of CGI can be allowed?
A. Perl 5 and PHP4, for more information about exact versions of these languages please see our plans and prices page.

Q. Do you have "sendmail" program?
A. Yes. Also you can use our form processor CGIs from CPanel.

Q. Is price different for individuals and business users?
A. No. Our prices are the same for business and individuals.

Q. I would like to upgrade my hosting account, But I don't know how?
A. Contact for information.

Q. I recently change my Name Servers with my registrar, But I can't see my site, why?
A. Well, DNS changing take 24 to 72 hours to be visible from the rest of internet. You can upload your site and wait for DNS updates.

Q. What a "Park Domain" means?
A. Domain Parking means you may park a secondary domain over your current hosting account, in this case both domains will show you the same web site. In addition, email configuration will be separated in each domain and both of them can be managed in your hosting control panel (cpanel).

Q. What a "Addon Domain" means?
A. Addon Domain means you may park a secondary domain on one of your subdomains of your current account. So this secondary domain will shows contents of the proper subdomain.

Q. What is the different between Park Domain and Addon Domain?
A. Park Domain service will shows contents of your web site on both of domains (primary domain and secondary), but Addon Domain will show contents of your subdomain to secondary domain.

Q. How do you calculate bandwidth usage?
A. We calculate bandwidth usage base on your Web, Mail, FTP and other port usage. Usually 97% of usage is belong to Web, Mail and FTP.

Q. What will happen to my site if I exceed bandwidth limit?
A. If you exceed bandwidth usage your site will be suspended until you buy more bandwidth or reach end of the month. Contact for assistance.

Using your Hosting Account

Q. I have just created a new mail box in cpanel, how can I check and use it?
A. You may check your default email address by providing your username and password to your email client or web-mail, but for other created email accounts you have to use complete email address as username, for example "" as username with its proper password.

Q. Why my disk usage is more than size of my web files?
A. In addition to your own web files there are other files that store in your account, such as your mail boxes, usage statistics and some other small files. Also if you use FrontPage please note that FrontPage uses some space, usually if you have a 10MB site then FrontPage will use almost 4MB of space!

Q. I check my email every day, but it's now over quota! why?
A. If you don't delete your emails from your mail-boxed they will remain in your space and make it full, after that no other email can be stored and your emails will be rejected. You may delete them from either web based email system or your pop3 client. Usually it's a default option to delete email in pop3 clients such as Outlook Express. You may find it in the account area.

Q. I would like to upload using FrontPage, How can I do that?
A. If you wish to upload using FrontPage, first you have to install FrontPage extensions in hosting control panel, then your DNS must be updated and you must be able to see your site using its internet address ( Now you may publish your site using,

Q. If some one try to see one of my folders your server will show the contents of that folder in directory structure. How can I protect them?
A. You may do it in 3 different ways:

You may do it from the Index Manager section of control panel.

Use .htaccess files in each folder if you are familiar with this type of Unix/Linux access control system.

Put an empty index.htm file in each folder you want to protect. Also you may put some warning messages in this index.html page.

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